The Unseen Force…

Check out this dramatic wind toss!  I don’t mind wind in my hair, but don’t mess with my disc!

This clip sums up my night on the course yesterday.  It was my first tournament round with The High Desert Disc Golf Alliance (HDDGA).  When I pulled up to the course in Providence , UT I looked up to see the American flag waving furiously in the wind.  Less than half of the guys showed up due to the wind.  That’s weak sauce.  We had a cash division for the six guys who wanted to pay $6 bucks into the pot. Since it was my first time I decided my money wouldn’t blow away in the wind if I left it in my pocket. I played with the other four guys in the non-cash division.  Before we started the first round of nine holes the guys all flipped their discs on the ground to see who would play with the first group of three in the cash division.  I thought this was funny.  It’s like I Texas-sized coin toss! 

We played a total of 18 holes, the first 9 being the A-tee’s (longer throws) and the second round being the B-tee’s (shorter throws).  All of the nine holes are par 3 expect for one, which is a par 4.  After the first couple holes my arm was already sore.  My shoulder felt tight and brittle like an old rubber band.  After a few more holes my arm was warmed up and it didn’t bother me too much the rest of the night.  I never realized that throwing a Frisbee would put so much strain on my body!  I ran track in high school and in college.  I would often stretch and warm up before and after work outs and competitions.  I guess next time I’m going to warm up my arm with some simple stretches and light throws.

Besides coming to the conclusion that disc golf is a real sport that requires physical exertion and preparation, I also met that force of nature so affectingly referred to as the wind.  With that in mind, let’s talk about hole 2.  The throw is moderately slopped downward.  There are trees to the right for a bit, then it opens up on both sides to a peninsula shape with very steep drop offs on both sides and a drop off 30 feet behind the basket.   Two bushy trees are guarding the basket itself from your view.  The wind is coming hard from your right.  How would you throw your disc?  I hope not like me.  Remember that I’m left handed.  I threw my standard overhand which upon release curved out to the left, then back toward the basket.  Suddenly my disc was lifted into the air as in it were a puppet in strings!  It soared over the basked altogether, over the drop off and into some rocks at the bottom of the drop off.  My second throw was straight up from the drop off.  As soon as it was touched by the sun as it cleared the ridge the wind grabbed it slammed it into a tree.  It took me another two throws for hole 2.  Nice.  A boogie.  That was about how my whole night went.

By the end, there were two guys who were even less lucky than me.  I placed 9th overall out of the eleven guys playing.  I was as satisfied as a peach on a sunny day.  I wasn’t last, and I have PLENTY of room to improve.

The next time you go for a round in the wind, aim low and don’t let those gusts twist your arm, unless you are trying to stretch and loosen up that is!

Until next time,

Play disc. Eat bacon.