R.I.P Wasp. Your Loss Stings.

Well last weekend I lost my first disc.  It was a yellow Discraft Wasp just like this.  An actual wasp sting pinches the skin with immediate pain which slowly fades.  Losing a disc, on the other hand, is quite opposite.  First you chuck your disc in the general direction of the basket.  Second you squint and squirm with pain as you watch it soar in the completely wrong direction.  Third, you suddenly remember to pay attention to where it lands if you want to maintain any hope of finding the poor thing.  And fourth the pain starts to kick in as panic turns to frustration which finally turns to despair and ultimate defeat after searching with no avail.

Now I am completely aware that all I lost was 173 grams of plastic in the shape of an aerodynamic picnic plate, but according to Sheryl Crow, “the first cut is the deepest.”   Sorry for getting all sappy on you there, but the truth is, my Discraft Wasp is out there somewhere on the course, probably covered with sap under some big pine tree!

To all of you who have ever felt the pain of losing a beloved disc I raise my glass and say: It’s better to lose a disc than it is to find this bear.  If you’ve ever lost a disc and can relate, I officially open up the comment section below this blog purely for grieving purposes.  Us disc golfers have to support each other and stick together.


Well I’m off to the Providence Course for a nice round of 18 holes.  Until next time,

Play disc. Eat Bacon.