Disc Golf: Gotta Catch, and Throw, ‘Em All!

Just the other night I was playing a round of 18 holes with the HDGA club (High Desert Disc Golf Alliance).  As I reached into my bag and thought to myself, “Which disc should I choose?”  Instantly the Pokémon saying “I chose you!” rang in my ears.  I looked around and for a split second I thought the other guys heard it too…Man I’m a dork!  I then reached in my bag and pulled out my Innova Orc.  It’s only DX plastic, pretty soft, very prone to get dinged up.  You could say it was low hit-points.

Here’s my Orc (DX plastic) after taking a hit to the road.

So basically, if you think about it, golf discs are like Pokémon.  For all of you who are upset at me for making such a preposterous comparison, just remember, we all are children at heart.  Some just find their inner-child easier than others, like me.

There are two main reasons why I believe discs are like Pokémon.  First, the plastic grade of a disc determines its durability, and ultimately, how long it will last you before needing to replace it.  You can buy the same disc in a soft, cheaper plastic and pay $7.99 or buy a higher grade of plastic for the same disc mold and pay $14.99.  CLICK HERE to read about the different Innova plastic grades.  So you could say my Innova Orc (DX plastic) is like a Charmander.  If I want to upgrade to an Orc Pro-Line plastic that’s comparable to a Charmeleon.  The Orc Champion, would be a Charizard.  I can take it a step further with the Orc Star.  At this point I just became the coolest 10-year old on the block as I show off my Holographic Charizard. Yeah, that just happened.

Charmander EvolutionCharizard_Holographic

The second reason discs are like Pokémon is the variance in flight patterns.  Let’s talk about the Discraft Nuke Series.  Three Nuke discs exist: Nuke, Nuke SS, and the Nuke OS.  Disks can have three different main flight patterns: Stable (Straight), Understable (Fades Right), and Understable (Fades Left).  The Nuke is Stable.  The Nuke SS is understable, and the Nuke OS is over stable.  CLICK HERE to see Discraft’s Stability chart. 

How does the flight pattern of a disc compare to Pokémon, you ask?  Some Pokémon are more aggressive in their attach damage, but not as defensive.  Others are more defensive and not aggressive.  The same is true with discs.  Stable discs fly straight, but not quite as fast and far as an overstable disc.  An overstable requires a more powerful throw and a harder flick at release.  It will then fly further, sometimes in the wrong direction if you don’t aim correctly.

To all you avid disc golfers out there, I say: Choose your discs wisely and throw ‘em all!


Play Disc. Eat Bacon.