That Ain’t Your Basket Easter Bunny!

Do you remember the first time you threw a disc?  You saw that funky chain Easter Basket across the way and thought: I’m bigger, better and badder than the Easter Bunny.  This will be a piece of carrot cake!!  The next thing you know you’re up there in front of your friends about to throw feeling as awkward as you did the moment you asked that 6 foot tall girl out when you were in Jr. High.  You pull back and release.  Your disc flies straight for the basket when suddenly it gets intercepted by a big oak tree.  “That wasn’t there before,” You say to yourself.  “Maybe there is more to this than I thought..”

If you can relate to this story than you can relate to me.  My name is Matt Vance.   I’m a mostly normal guy.  My dad is Canadian and my mom is from Arkansas.  I guess that makes me a Red Neck Canadian.   I played ultimate Frisbee in high school and ran track and cross-country.  Currently I am a college student in Northern Utah.  I love my wife’s homemade rolls and bacon. 

The purpose of this blog is to document a beginner (me) learning the disc golf game and culture.  The more important purpose of this blog is to get beginners and experienced players together to share your thoughts, feelings, and bacon (if you’re feeling extra generous) with the rest of us.  I invite you to join me on this crazy journey as I dive head first into the world of disc golf.

Check back in soon.  I’ll be sharing Episode 1: Beginners Luck and My New Pet Squirrel.

Until then, Play disc. Eat bacon.