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Putting 101


Argh Matey! You better make your putt or you’ll walk the plank! I hope he made that putt. I wouldn’t want to search for a lost disc in that murky water..

Let’s talk about putting.  It’s pretty much the most important thing you will ever learn how to do…EVER!!  Ok, maybe it’s not as important as keeping your job and spending time with your family.  When we are talking about the world of disc golf, everything that spins centers around putting.

From what I have read on, and other websites, improving your putting routine is the best way to improve your score when first starting.  Don’t get discouraged or distracted by friend who thinks he’s Uncle Rico hucking pig skins over them mountains!  Your impressive disc hucking skills will improve with time.  For now, take a couple minutes to watch this video and learn about proper putting.

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About The Piping Putter

My name is Matt Vance. I’m a mostly normal guy. My dad is Canadian and my mom is from Arkansas. I guess that makes me a Red Neck Canadian. I played ultimate Frisbee in high school and ran track and cross-country. I live in Northern Utah. I love my wife’s homemade rolls, and bacon.

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