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Disc Golf: The Plague or The Cure?

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After a long day of work what do you want to do?  What do you actually end up doing?   I’ve heard it said that you eventually get what you focus on most in life.  You become the person who does the daily activities that make up your average day.   With that being said, how does a great hobby like disc golf fit into your life?  Is it an entertaining pass time that you find time for a few times a year?  Is it a seasonal pleasure accompanied by warm weather and friends?  Is it a weekend ritual for you and the usual group or is it a complete life obsession?

Since I started playing more frequently I can honestly say that disc golf occupies my thoughts more than before.  I even purchased a starter set for my wife and we have gone a few times now.  We like to play the course fast and jog between holes to get a little exercise.

Recently, I also invited my immediate family to play a round of disc golf at the Payson Canyon course in in Utah.  Both my mom and dad, my brother, and my two little sisters played.  After explaining the basics of the game the fun began.  It’s a good thing hole 1 is a big open field, because their discs went everywhere…haha.  Of course there were obvious expressions of beginner’s frustration that night among the group. My dad threw his hands in the air and yelled as he watched his disc plummet into a stream below.  They got better as the night went on.

Overall I think everyone really enjoyed themselves.  The next week my dad called me up and asked me about what type of discs to buy.  I recommended the Innova Orc Driver as a good starting point.  He went a step further and ordered a set (one driver, one mid-range, and one putter) of discs for each family member.  I was surprised!  I’m excited to go play another round with my family.

Now, going back to my original question, is Disc golf a plague or a cure?  I will certainly say that it is a great way to mentally check out from the stresses of life and enjoy the great out-doors.  The social aspect of spending quality time with important people in your life is also a great reason to play. Whether you’ve caught the disc golf bug, or you consider it a coming to the light, disc is a great retreat from the monotony of life.

To all you disc lovers out there I say: Play on!  Enjoy every minute of the game.  Just remember what matters most to you in life and life for it.


Until next time,

Play Disc. Eat Bacon.


About The Piping Putter

My name is Matt Vance. I’m a mostly normal guy. My dad is Canadian and my mom is from Arkansas. I guess that makes me a Red Neck Canadian. I played ultimate Frisbee in high school and ran track and cross-country. I live in Northern Utah. I love my wife’s homemade rolls, and bacon.

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